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CBD year in review for 2021
December 14, 2021

The year 2021 has been a crazy year in more ways than one. Not only for the world of CBD but for our society as a whole. When we look at some of the many interesting happenings as they relate to CBD, the correlation is understated. Some of the happenings in this year in review:

This year saw major athlete players openly endorse CBD and its relationship with overall health. One good example is Anthony Joshua and his CBD company Love Hemp. They are even launching a marketing campaign targeting stressed consumers (Yahoo News Article). When we look at society and the effects that the Worldwide health pandemic has had, STRESS is a definite side effect (news medical article). It is awesome to see that there are natural ways to relieve and combat the substantial stress related to the Corona Virus aka Covid-19. Many of us who have been involved in the use and development of CBD recognize the viable stress relief benefits it has.

The Global use of CBD has grown exponentially during 2021 leading to a projected worldwide annual value of $2,207,162 USD. With North America holding over 78% of that value for the companies and individuals that continue to grow this industry.  A substantial amount of value to those who put in the work to provide quality CBD-related products. Learn more about this growth here.

$2,207,162.54 Projected Value for 2021

Per the above cited article some of the driving forces behind this growth is cronic desieses and related complications. As well as the continued expansion of places where CBD is now legal. Forty Six of the fifty states in the united states currently have some form or another of legal CBD. As well as CBD with a THC of 3% or less (derived from hemp) is legal under federal law at this time. (Per That being said the United States land of the free is well on its way to legalizing CBD in some form in all fifty states. Maybe in 2022 we will see this happen.

As you can see many good things have happened in this year of pandemic tormorial as it relates to CBD. Its access, the public acceptence of big names endorsing it and even the overall money involved in the business of CBD.


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